Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me

Happy birthday Dear Munky. I’m now 43.

I don’t really celebrate my birthday. Not because I’m shy, or anything like that, I just don’t really do the celebration thing now I’m older. I’m not in for surrounding myself with a bunch of people, cheering me on, while I get another year closer to death. I’ll still have a happy birthday, but it’ll be quietly happy rather than the booze-fueled, party-on birthdays of my youth.

Old man birthday cake

I’ve had some fantastic gifts from my kids and other half. Amongst them a PS1 Memory Card bottle opener and socks.

Playstation Memory Card Socks & Bottle Opener

A Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt (or should I say another Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt because I’ve had a few over the years). This is another of those Tesco gaming tees they often have. See here for more.

Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt

A Pac-man Tiny Arcade. I love this, I really do.

Pac-man Tiny Arcade

and a Super Mario Piranha Plant Hand Puppet. I think this is brilliant.

I’ve left some other items out, given to me by my family, because they weren’t gaming or retro related so didn’t really fit.

I really don’t mind getting older. If nothing else it gives me some more memories to post on here. I also share my birthday with one of my oldest, and best, friends so that’s nice. He’s a retro gamer too so usually lots of conversation to be had about that topic for the next week or so.

I’m now going to go for a brisk, lengthy walk because one of the things that comes with getting older is your body starts doing things to work against you, such as storing too much potassium, or losing the ability to process glucose, so now I have to do lots of brisk walking to burn these things off. Not to mention you start to lose the flexibility in the lens of your eyes. It makes focussing on things a bit of a challenge. Still, a nice, tense game of “leaf or dog crap” is on the cards. It’s where you’re walking so briskly that your eyes don’t have time to focus on the brown smudge at your feet and you have to guess whether that was a leaf you just stepped on or a dog crap.

YAY! Aging.