Tesco Retro Gaming T-Shirts

Posted by  on January 17, 2019

I like retro gaming t-shirts and I like bargains.

This worked out quite well in that aspect. While doing a bit of shopping in Tesco (the one where I got the retro calendar) my other half suggested checking out their t-shirts. Tesco occasionally have some retro gaming t-shirts in, so amongst the tees we went.

We saw a couple of Volkswagen tees, Avengers, Star Wars, tees I already own or have no interest in. I was about to get back to the shopping when I spotted a NES tee and a Space Invaders tee, individually packaged.

Space Invaders 80 T-Shirt (Packaged) NES 85 T-Shirt (Packaged)

The £8 label on the Space Invaders tee was easily visible and I thought it wasn’t a bad price. I then saw that both tees had been reduced to £4, got to love a twofer.

The full t-shirt images can be seen here.

Space Invaders 80 T-Shirt NES 85 T-Shirt