Whirly Wheelers needing a little fixing.

Posted by  on November 10, 2020

A little something special for me in this post in the shape of Whirly Wheelers.

But before that I wanted to say that since my last post I’ve become a Grandfather. My first Grandchild, a boy, was born on the 30th June and he’s amazing. Now 19 weeks old, he’s teething and this morning he sat up on his own for the first time. He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever known and I’m really proud to be his Grandad.

A blue baby's rattle.

Back to the post.

Whirly Wheelers was released by Palitoy Parker in the 1970s. The ‘game’ consists of four cyclists racing around a track with a different winner each time. Powered by two ‘C’ cell batteries the game is something of a collectors’ item these days.

Connected to the track via magnets placed on a large cog inside the unit are four cyclists. To move the large cog (and cyclists) is a long, plastic chain, moved via series of smaller cogs which connect to the motor. In the centre of the track is a dial which allows you to choose the number of laps to take place, or even an infinite position so the cyclists will keep going until the batteries run down. The best part? The cyclists legs actually pedal.

Whirly Wheelers wasn’t something I had ever owned but I was aware of the type of game having seen similar using a horse racing theme.

a 1970s Whirly Wheelers game showing toy cyclists on a yellow track preparing to race.


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COVID 19 and my top 5 isolation games

Posted by  on May 2, 2020

COVID 19: Slowest. Apocolypse. Ever.

I hope this finds you safe and well during these unusual circumstances.

COVID 19 isolation has given me some much treasured time with the family (minus my eldest who is isolating with my Mum). We played board games. We played Wii games. Family time is great but being together 24/7 isn’t particularly healthy either.

I was starting to look a bit Catweazle so I had the Missus perform the “Quarantine Cut” on me by shaving my head all over with a Number 3. Boredom levels haven’t quite yet risen to taking a razor to it but they’re getting there.

There’s been some working from home, some sleeping, a lot of eating (proven in my blood sugar results). There’s also been some retro gaming.JoystickThese days a variety of tasks and responsibilities keep me from putting any substantial amount of time into retro gaming so this COVID 19 isolation presents me with a rare opportunity. Please don’t expect a review or a playthrough, there are countless of those already out there. This is just me talking about some old favourites and how I found out about them.

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A quick thank you to our Key Workers

Posted by  on April 27, 2020

I just want to take a minute to recognise Key Workers in the UK.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything we’ve seen within the lifetimes of most of us. Our Key Workers in this country are currently keeping the rest of us going while putting themselves and their families in the firing line.

Key Worker Rainbow

I promised myself I wouldn’t list occupations because I know for sure I’ll miss some so this is for anyone and everyone, especially to those who have lost their lives and their families, who are working through this to keep the rest of us safe and able to go about our lives as best possible in these circumstances.

from all at the Munky house.

Backpack Buddies (Nintendo) currently in ALDI

Posted by  on February 13, 2020

I picked up some Nintendo Backpack Buddies from ALDI.

Backpack Buddies were not on the shopping list. The objective was to buy some bread rolls for my Daughter’s lunch today, however continuing to look around the store the next aisle offered up some Nintendo imagery.

Backpack Buddies (1)

The younger generation might be familiar with Backpack Buddies but, being the wrong side of 40, these things are new to me. When I happen across something new to me like this both my gamer brain and Dad brain kicks in…

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A Klingon Challenge – Star Trek: TNG VCR Board Game

Posted by  on January 24, 2020

Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game – A Klingon Challenge…

…or just “A Klingon Challenge” is one of those Atmosfear style video based games from the 1990s. A Klingon Challenge was released in 1993 and is for 3-6 players aged 8 years upwards.

With the brilliant Star Trek Picard debuting this week it seemed a fitting time to drag “A Klingon Challenge” out for an airing.

For those unfamiliar with Atmosfear then it’s basically a board game accompanied by a VHS cassette that runs alongside the game. The video moves the story along by having a host character at the forefront of the story. The host manipulates the gameplay with obstacles thrown in player’s paths and challenges issued for the player to overcome.

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Royal Mail Video Games stamps

Posted by  on January 21, 2020

My Royal Mail “Video Games” stamps arrived this morning

Some weeks back Royal Mail announced they would publish a range of stamps celebrating classic UK-designed video games. I ordered the “Video Games Limited Edition Gamer Collectors Pack” because, quite frankly, I need that presentation case (it’s really a tin so I’m going to call it a tin from now on).

Well today it arrived…

Royal Mail Video Games stamps (1)

Straight away I knew it had to be the stamps. It said “DO NOT BEND” on the envelope but I had to in order to pick it up. Sorry postie, don’t be too disappointed in me.

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Frogger: The family version of the arcade game

Posted by  on January 20, 2020

Frogger: The board game (1)

Frogger the board game

Frogger is a very well-known video game from the Golden Age of arcade. The idea of the game is to get your frog safely past flowing traffic on the highway, across a river by hopping on turtles and logs, eventually making it back to your swamp before repeating the process with more frogs.

This is a 1982 Milton Bradley (MB) Games attempt to translate that arcade game into a more traditional style board game. The game is for two players with a suggested age range of 7-14 years although I’m not sure it would provide much entertainment for a 14 year old of today (or even back then).

Frogger: The board game (2)

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Grandstand Invader from Space LED Game

Posted by  on January 15, 2020

I spotted this Grandstand “Invader from Space” game

Invader from Space (1)

Grandstand “Invader from Space” is a tabletop LED game dating back 40 years to 1980. Four ‘AA’ batteries power the unit or, alternatively, the Grandstand 5.5V@300mA power adapter (or an equivalent power pack) sold separately. The game, licensed to Grandstand, is a copy of Epoch’s “Invader from Space”

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Musical quirks and some more T-Shirts

Posted by  on June 11, 2019

In musical terms, it’s been a strange few months

There’s usually a variety of musical offerings on my iPhone. Legendary artists such as Pink Floyd, Queen and Bob Marley are usually constants. Lately, the usual playlists haven’t been doing it for me and instead I’ve been craving something different. I’ve been wanting to listen to some of those mismatched rave compilation CDs* from my youth.

*I usually had the cassette tape versions back then so I could listen to them on my Sony Walkman.

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