Lefun eWatch S8 from Temu

A quick post regarding the Lefun eWatch Series 8 available on Temu.

I recently received one of those Lefun series 8 eWatches that have been knocking about on Temu. I should say at this point that I didn’t buy it. The watch came as one of the freebies of a buy 10 get 8 free deal when I first signed up.

Lefun eWatch Series 8

The watch itself does exactly as it says on the tin. It can receive calls and messages from a variety of communication apps such as phone, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp and more. It comes with all of those health apps you’d find on a FitBit and they seem to work pretty well. Once connected via Bluetooth and configured via the Lefun Health app you can sync contacts, calendars, etc. fairly easily. The battery life is OK once I turned off the raise to wake function. I’ve been doing some decorating so the watch was going on, off, on, off for hours on end.

Anyway, onto the reason I’m posting about this…

If you own one of these watches and are sick of the adverts swamping the Lefun Health app then dump it and opt for the U-Watch app instead. It offers the same functionality as the Lefun Health app (maybe more) without the tedium of adverts everywhere.

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