Downloads collection: A series of quick links

Collective downloads

From time-to-time I make available some of the little projects I undertake for myself in the form of downloads for the site. Here you’ll find links to the various downloads on the site and all conveniently available in one place as well as alphabetised.

I have collected all of the download links on the main site and stored them in a single place, as well as on the original post, in order to make them more conveniently available for visitors to the site.

Feel free to still view the original posts for some context to these links.

The files

Guess Who Extra (part 1) [August 31, 2016]
These are all of the Guess Who Extra cards located in the original Guess Who Extra post which can be found here.

Guess Who Extra 1

Guess Who Extra (part 2) [February 16, 2021]
These are the additional Guess Who Extra update cards originally posted here. (There is an additional ’80s Movie & TV set included exclusively in this download).

Guess Who Extra 2

iPhone Ringtones [March 25, 2021]
The collection of retro gaming and retro TV related iPhone ringtones found in this post.

iPhone Ringtones

Mega-CD Box Art (Europe) collection [January 10, 2017]
Mega CD European box art I originally posted here.

Mega-CD Box Art (A-M) Mega-CD Box Art (N-Z)

Munky Mobile Menu WordPress plugin [March 23, 2023]
My mobile menu plugin from this post.

Munky Mobile Menu

winTZX 0.9d by Patrick Delvenne [January 03, 2023]
Here is the zip for winTZX 0.9d discussed in this post.

winTZX 0.9d

Vectrex Overlay Config File [April 18, 2021]
These are the Vectrex overlay config files I attached to this post.

Vectrex Overlays Zip