winTZX 0.9d 12/2017 by Patrick Delvenne

Before I get into this winTZX post I would just like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

While reading through the World of Spectrum Facebook group I came across a post asking about the latest version of winTZX by Patrick Delvenne. The software used to be hosted on the official website at but the site no longer exists. Instead the address forwards to

If you’re not familiar with winTZX please see the information below taken from the original website.


winTZX is a tool to convert ZX Spectrum, ZX 80, ZX 81, CBM64, ATARI ST emulators files into audio files that can be played back on a tape recorder (or floppy disk, or MP3 player) so that you can play your favorites games on your real machine again.
It runs on Windows (XP and 7) and uses the PC’s soundcard. You can read more in the About section.
Supported formats are :
For Spectrum : *.tzx, *.tap, *.mdr, *, *,*.bin (emuZwin 48K dump)
For Amstrad : *.tzx, *.cdt
For CBM64 : *.tzx,*.t64,*.prg,*.p00
For ZX81 : *.tzx (block 0x19), *.P, *.P81, *.81
For ZX80 : *.o
For ATARI ST: *.st, *.msa (and direct conversion to/from floppy)

winTZX is a useful tool for us retro gamers. In fact it’s the software I used to transfer some TZX to MP3 I talked about in this post. Not only does it run under WinXP/7 it will also run fine under Windows 10.

The original website appears to have been gone for a while and around the same time tweets came to a stop on their Twitter feed. I still have the latest version (0.9d) which I have linked to at the end of this post.

Patrick, if by some chance you’re reading this then I hope you’re healthy and life is going well for you. Thank you for giving us such a great utility. I hope you don’t mind me hosting it on this site.

Download winTZX 0.9d