COVID 19 and my top 5 isolation games

An old style two button joystick with a red, spherical handle and two red buttons on a black base.

COVID 19: Slowest. Apocolypse. Ever.

I hope this finds you safe and well during these unusual circumstances. COVID 19 isolation has given me some much treasured time with the family (minus my eldest who is isolating with my Mum). We played board games. We played Wii games. Family time is great but being together 24/7…

Backpack Buddies (Nintendo) currently in ALDI

Backpack Buddies displayed in ALDI.

I picked up some Nintendo Backpack Buddies from ALDI.

Backpack Buddies were not on the shopping list. The objective was to buy some bread rolls for my Daughter's lunch today, however continuing to look around the store the next aisle offered up some Nintendo imagery. The younger generation might be familiar with Backpack Buddies but,…

Musical quirks and some more T-Shirts

Super Mario Tee: A t-shirt depicting a black and white picture of Mario holding his hands in the air. Above is the text 'Legend' in white caps.

In musical terms, it's been a strange few months

There's usually a variety of musical offerings on my iPhone. Legendary artists such as Pink Floyd, Queen and Bob Marley are usually constants. Lately, the usual playlists haven't been doing it for me and instead I've been craving something different. I've been wanting to listen to…