Royal Mail Video Games stamps

My Royal Mail “Video Games” stamps arrived this morning

Some weeks back Royal Mail announced they would publish a range of stamps celebrating classic UK-designed video games. I ordered the “Video Games Limited Edition Gamer Collectors Pack” because, quite frankly, I need that presentation case (it’s really a tin so I’m going to call it a tin from now on).

Well today it arrived…

Royal Mail Video Games stamps (1)

Straight away I knew it had to be the stamps. It said “DO NOT BEND” on the envelope but I had to in order to pick it up. Sorry postie, don’t be too disappointed in me.

On opening the envelope a Royal Mail compliment slip presented itself thanking me for my order and offering me instructions on what to do if there were any problems with the items. I removed the tin from the envelope. It’s a hinged tin case that reminded me a little of the Street Fighter Collector’s Edition back in the ’90s.
Embossed in small black text are the words “Limited Edition Gamer Collection Pack” while under that in a green, oldskool computer style font “CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES” is displayed. Also on the lid are classic characters from video game such as Dizzy, Lemmings and Sensible Soccer.

Royal Mail Video Games stamps (2)

Mounted on tough card, with game information on the one side and an enlarged version of the stamp on the other, the stamps feature screenshots of classic video games. Included with the stamps is a booklet providing some history and background to the games featured on the stamps.

Royal Mail Video Games stamps (3)

And lastly there is a certificate of authenticity stating the date of issue and the limited edition pack number.

Royal Mail Video Games stamps (4)

I’m not a stamp collector by any means but I do like little nostalgia items like this.  It has some nice artwork, a nice case and for under £15 I just couldn’t pass it up.