Guess Who? Extra… Some Additional Cards

More Guess Who Extra

I noticed my previous Guess Who Extra post is getting a fair amount of hits. Assuming you’re getting some use out of those cards I decided to make a few more.

Guess Who? Extra

I created the Guess Who Extra cards on my original post because I didn’t find much available on the web. Having not found anything interesting on the Hasbro website I decided to make some of my own. I uploaded them to the site with the intention of offering them to others in the same situation as myself, being unable to find anything on the internet. Looking at the Jetpack site stats it appears it’s one of my more popular posts, getting numerous hits per day.

Well, I’ve had some time on my hands so I made a few more Guess Who Extra cards including a logos card for something a little bit different.

Same as before… Right-click and Save link as…
Print using Landscape mode at 100% with no scaling.


Guess Who? Extra Logos Blue Guess Who? Extra Logos Red

Action Force/G. I. Joe

Guess Who? Extra G.I. Joe Blue Guess Who? Extra G.I. Joe Red

G. I. Joe images taken from I’ve requested permission to use the images but I’ve not yet heard back. I’ll keep these online for now but if permission is refused I’ll remove them.


Guess Who? Extra Pop Blue Guess Who? Extra Pop Red