Street Gang Football: Sinclair ZX Spectrum July Review

Posted by  on July 1, 2021

Street Gang Football: July featured game

Street Gang Football is not your usual computer footy game. There’s no pitch, just cold, hard brick and tarmac, with plenty of virtually grazed kneecaps.

Street Gang Football SpectrumStreet Gang Football

Well, it’s certainly no Sensible Soccer or FIFA but I have to say I took an immediate liking to this game. The idea behind this game is nothing short of brilliant on Code Masters part. It reminds me of playing football with my friends during the school holidays when I was young.

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Dark Chambers: Atari 7800 June Review

Posted by  on June 1, 2021

Dark Chambers: June featured game

It’s June and it’s #AtariMonth so this month’s review is a game described as the spiritual successor to Gauntlet, Dark Chambers, a remake of the 1983 game, Dandy.

Dark Chambers Atari 7800Loading screen

There’s no mistaking this is a form of Gauntlet. The game starts and instantly you recognise the playing field. My first instinct was to brace myself for hordes of enemies… that, apparently, didn’t get an invite. Taking a quick walk around I got the feeling I’d entered this dungeon during a bank holiday, or maybe everyone was Social Distancing? I encountered approximately 10 enemies in the first area, most seemed disinterested in the fact I was roaming their dungeons.

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Atari Month: June is the month Atari was founded.

Posted by  on June 1, 2021

It’s June and that means it’s Atari month

Why Atari month? #AtariMonth is to celebrate the founding of the video games company. Founded on 27th June 1972 Atari is the creation of Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. The name Atari (当たり, あたり, or アタリ) supposedly originates from the Japanese for hit/strike or impact and is “used in Go for a situation where a stone or chain of stones has only one liberty, and may be captured on the next move if not given one or more additional liberties”*

Atari was a pioneer in arcade, video games consoles and home computers, releasing games such as Pong, Pac-man and Space Invaders into the home market. During the late ’70s/early ’80s Atari was everywhere. People you wouldn’t imagine playing video games had the Atari VCS or one of their 8bit computers. It was a video game revolution.

Atari Carts

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Hotel Mario: Philips CD-i May Review

Posted by  on May 1, 2021

Hotel Mario: May featured game

Mario’s first outing on the Philips CD-i comes in the shape of Hotel Mario.

Hotel Mario: Philips CD-iHotel Mario: Level 1

I’ve seen Hotel Mario slated on many occasions. As a Mario game I can understand the dislike but I prefer to look at Hotel Mario as an ode to the Golden Age arcade era. If you strip away the Mario-ness of it all and look at Hotel Mario for what it is then there’s a game akin to the likes of Donkey Kong or Burgertime, admittedly 10-15 years too late, but it can still be fun.

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Atari 800 and 5200 cores fix for IAGL

Posted by  on April 20, 2021

I got the Atari 800 and 5200 cores running

Following on from the Vectrex post where I mentioned I had a bit of trouble getting the Atari 800 and 5200 cores running properly through Internet Archive Games Launcher, I finally got them working this morning. Here’s how…

Atari 800

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