Guess Who? Extra… Some Additional Cards

Posted by  on February 16, 2021

More Guess Who Extra

I noticed my previous Guess Who Extra post is getting a fair amount of hits. Assuming you’re getting some use out of those cards I decided to make a few more.

Guess Who? Extra

I created the Guess Who Extra cards on my original post because I didn’t find much available on the web. Having not found anything interesting on the Hasbro website I decided to make some of my own. I uploaded them to the site with the intention of offering them to others in the same situation as myself, being unable to find anything on the internet. Looking at the Jetpack site stats it appears it’s one of my more popular posts, getting numerous hits per day.

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Some XBOX classic dabbling

Posted by  on January 3, 2019

Not what I consider retro…

…but the original XBOX (or XBOX Classic as I often see it now called) is venturing into that limbo area between “current” and “retro”.

I never owned the original XBOX, I simply didn’t have the time to invest in one due to work and family life. I have, however, had an interest in maybe getting one for the emulation side of things. The idea of four player arcade emulation in the form of CoinOPS is something I think I would enjoy.

As it happens…

…my eldest son works for a local charity and a few weeks back an original XBOX was donated to them. It came with a couple of the large controllers, original power supply and a damaged video cable.

The damaged video cable meant that they were unable to properly test the XBOX even though it appeared to receive power and the optical drive ejected as expected. They were ready to bin it so I asked how much they would accept for it “as is”. They said I could have it for £8 and so I did. I reckoned even if the XBOX was scrap I could get my money back on the controllers.

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Guess Who? The ORIGINAL Mystery Face Guessing Game

Posted by  on August 31, 2016

Edit: 16/02/2021 – More Guess Who Extra

Since this post I’ve added additional Guess Who Extra cards which can be found here.

Guess Who?.. It’s me.

No, I mean the “The ORIGINAL Mystery Face Guessing Game” from MB or in this case Guess Who? Extra from Hasbro.

Guess Who? Extra

The kids have been having a clear out of some of their old crap toys and games. Amongst them was a Guess Who? Extra game bought for my youngest at one Christmas or another. It’s the electronic one where the electronic bit doesn’t really do anything worthwhile but is there more for the sake of novelty.
It initially came with a few swappable character cards (such as kids and aliens) with a promise of more being available on the Hasbro website. I remember perusing the Hasbro site at the time, and looking at a handful of printable cards that were available. I also remember my son not being all that interested in their offerings.

Well, now he’s decided to get rid of it because he’s “too old for it”. He may think he’s too old but I’m 40 and I’m having it. I think it’s the perfect game to play with my daughter. She has, amongst other issues, autism, ADHD and global learning difficulties so this game is the ideal opportunity for us to spend some time together with something that may hold her interest.
Not only that but if she takes to it I can make other cards with her favourite characters, Worzel Gummidge, The Wizard of Oz, maybe even family members.

To that end I decided to see what character cards were still available on the Hasbro website but all I could find were character cards for a different version of the game; and those don’t fit into the Extra shell. This presented me with the ideal opportunity to come up with my own character sheets, amongst them Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario and a retro gaming card. I decided I’d upload them here for the benefit of anyone else who may want to use them. I’ve created both red and blue and kept to the original character selection positions of the original cards. It wasn’t necessary but it makes it more difficult to guess your opponents character by watching them move the sliders.

Guess Who-Transformers

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Guess Who? Extra TMNT-Blue Guess Who? Extra TMNT-Red

Super Mario

 Guess Who? Extra Mario-Blue Guess Who? Extra Mario-Red

Retro Gaming

 Guess Who? Extra Retro-Gaming-Blue Guess Who? Extra Retro-Gaming-Red

At some point I’d like to do a Transformers G1 set and maybe some adult orientated (not pr0n) sets such as the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Edit: I had a free hour or so this afternoon so knocked together these “The Walking Dead” Character Cards.

The Walking Dead

Guess Who? Extra The Walking Dead-Blue Guess Who? Extra The Walking Dead-Red

Further edit: I had a bit more time free last night and this afternoon so, having found some nice box scans on, I put together these Transformers G1 Character Cards. Decepticon names are printed italicized for easy identification. I’ve reworked the template slightly for a better fit in the Guess Who? Extra shell.

Transformers G1

Guess Who? Extra Transformers-Blue Guess Who? Extra Transformers-Red

Transformer character images courtesy of