Neo Office Racing Chair Not Up To The Job

I bought a Neo Office Racing Chair in May 2020.

Further update: 04/03/2021 *** The new arm for my Neo Office Racing Chair arrived shortly after 14:00 today. That is some fantastic service from Thank you. ***

Update: 03/03/2021 *** I received a reply about the arm of my Neo Office Racing Chair at 08:35 this morning. The reply was a brief apology and notification that they were sending me out a new left arm. They didn’t have my address though because the original was ordered in my partner’s name so I just replied with my details. Excellent customer service on the part of Neo Direct. ***

I’m not much of a PC gamer, usually only to emulate my consoles and computers for screenshots for the site, so I thought for my day-to-day work the Neo Office Racing Chair should do the job.

Neo Office Racing Chair

After a couple of months, it started to creak and wobble. I’m a little overweight but not massively (around a stone/6.3kg). I tightened all of the bolts which took away a lot of the problem. It started again a few months later. I applied silicon grease where reclining parts were contacting. For another couple of months it seemed to do the trick. Eventually I gave up on trying to sort the creaks and wobbles because they just kept coming back.

Just when I thought I could live with it

Now, last night, I could feel something sticking into my left arm. When I looked it was the bolt from the arm of the chair. The plastic area around where it bolted to had snapped and the bolt was sticking up through the padding in the arm.

I can’t even remove the arms and use the chair without them because the Neo Office Racing Chair is one of those chairs where the back and seat are held together by the arms.

There’s no way I can see to repair the arm so I’ve emailed Neo requesting the possibility of purchasing another arm. If I’m unable to do so then the chair will be going to the tip and I’ll buy a different brand chair.

As it stands, I wouldn’t recommend this particular chair for any serious PC gamers. I doubt it has the build quality to stand up to some serious gaming sessions for too long. With all that said I have found the chair to be quite comfortable otherwise. The arms flattened pretty quickly but the chair itself seems OK if not for the wobbles and creaks.

I’ll update this post when/if I get a response from Neo for anyone who might be interested.