A quick thank you to our Key Workers

I just want to take a minute to recognise Key Workers in the UK.

Update: 21/02/2021

*** I just wanted to emphasis my thanks a little more, what with us being in our third lockdown now and infection rates still high. Key Workers are still out there putting themselves at risk so the rest of us can keep going on with our lives as best we can under the circumstances.

I’ve now had my first COVID jab because I’m in the vulnerable category, thanks to the combination of a couple of ailments, and I’m feeling quite thankful at the moment for the work put in by our health service that has allowed me to receive it. I hope as many people take the opportunity as possible. ***


The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything we’ve seen within the lifetimes of most of us. Our Key Workers (wiki) in this country are currently keeping the rest of us going while putting themselves and their families in the firing line.

Key Worker Rainbow

I promised myself I wouldn’t list occupations because I know for sure I’ll miss some so this is for anyone and everyone, especially to those who have lost their lives and their families, who are working through this to keep the rest of us safe and able to go about our lives as best possible in these circumstances.

from all at the Munky house.