Pokemon Go to Pokemon Stop

I’ve never played Pokemon…

Yep, that’s right, I’ve never played Pokemon before. It’s one of those games that just didn’t appeal to me, that is until…

Pokemon Go

The fascination people seem to have with this game intrigued me and curiosity got the better of me so I jumped in head first. I downloaded the game late Wednesday evening using one of the server tricks to allow my iPhone to download from the U.S. Apple store.
The game itself seemed simple enough and I got stuck in. Everything was going great until the weekend when a wild ERROR appeared!

Pokemon Go Error


OK, the servers were apparently subjected to a DDoS attack on Saturday and, having worked in I.T. for nigh on twenty years, I can sympathise with the poor suckers (@PokemonGoApp on Twitter) having to get this sorted.
It’s now Sunday and my Pokemon gaming today has gone as follows: –

  • Tried to login, crashed
  • Success, logged in
  • Ooh, caught Voltorb, crashed and lost Voltorb
  • Caught Venomoth, crashed and lost Venemoth
  • Caught several others, crashed and lost them
  • Just sat there with the game open, crashed
  • Tried to buy an item in the shop, crashed
  • Used incense, got 7 minutes in and crashed. When I finally managed to get back in I had just over 1 minute left of incense.
  • Walked out on to my drive to catch a Pokemon in the street, froze, had to end app.

Now, like I said, I’d never played Pokemon before but I was at least familiar enough with the game to know why it is so popular but, had I not been familiar, this experience would have really put me off. I’m just glad I got a few days enjoyment out of it before the hassle of constant server crashes.
I’ll stick with it and ride out the server crashes because on the whole it’s quite enjoyable and makes my trips here and there more tolerable.