HUDL bricked after factory reset and how to fix it

Posted by  on February 17, 2021

I did a factory reset on my Tesco HUDL

It turns out that was a mistake. The HUDL is getting on a bit now and while it may not be able to run the most recent apps it still can be used for some basic functions.

Tesco HUDL

I blew the dust from my old HUDL tablet with the intention of installing PlayZX and using it as an input source for my Sinclair ZX Spectrum. PlayZX is an Android app that connects to 1000s of Sinclair Spectrum games. The app plays the audio of the cassette as if it were loading games from a cassette deck but digitally and, therefore, no chewed tapes.

I decided to do a factory reset to start fresh with just PlayZX. That’s where things went horribly wrong.

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