Internet Archive Games Launcher (IAGL) Installation

Posted by  on April 12, 2021

Something for the weekend in the shape of Internet Archive Games Launcher

I decided to install Internet Archive Games Launcher on my KODI box this weekend. It’s an old Intel Quad Core Q6600 with 8GB RAM and a 64GB Samsung SSD, but it does the job. It’s been running Ubuntu 18.04 for a while with KODI 18.x (Leia). Originally, I was going to just drop KODI 19 (Matrix) on there but I chose to go the whole hog and do a clean install of the latest Ubuntu too.Internet Archive Games Launcher (IAGL)

My decision was based on some issues I’d been having with Ubuntu. We’d recently had the power trip out due to a faulty earth on an upstairs power socket. Ubuntu had an unclean shutdown due to this and the file system had some corruption. I’d run a manual FSCK but the same issue reoccurred every time I rebooted the box. I’d thought about updating prior to this so I didn’t bother putting too much effort into sorting it out.

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Super Mario Balancing Games with Link System

Posted by  on April 2, 2021

Let’s take a look at the three Super Mario Balancing Games

The Super Mario Balancing Games, three sets of games from Epoch Games, Ground Stage, Underground Stage and Castle Stage. Each game consists of a two-story stage with four iconic Super Mario character pieces, and a dice. That’s a total of three stages and twelve characters.

Super Mario Balancing Game

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CiT Connect Gaming Keyboard Phone Rest and USB Hub

Posted by  on March 16, 2021

CiT Connect Gaming Keyboard 7 Colour LED Phone Rest and USB Hub

My old Dell keyboard is getting a bit long in the tooth. I don’t like changing keyboards but I bit the bullet and ordered myself a CiT Connect Gaming Keyboard from

I love my Dell SK-8125 keyboard but, being almost 20 years old it’s starting to rattle a little and it can be unresponsive at times; even after a strip and clean. Therefore I decided it was time for a new keyboard.

After a bit of internet research I chose the CiT Connect Gaming Keyboard.

CiT Connect Gaming KeyboardCiT Connect Gaming Keyboard

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Neo Office Racing Chair Not Up To The Job

Posted by  on March 3, 2021

I bought a Neo Office Racing Chair in May 2020.

Further update: 04/03/2021 *** The new arm for my Neo Office Racing Chair arrived shortly after 14:00 today. That is some fantastic service from Thank you. ***

Update: 03/03/2021 *** I received a reply about the arm of my Neo Office Racing Chair at 08:35 this morning. The reply was a brief apology and notification that they were sending me out a new left arm. They didn’t have my address though because the original was ordered in my partner’s name so I just replied with my details. Excellent customer service on the part of Neo Direct. ***

I’m not much of a PC gamer, usually only to emulate my consoles and computers for screenshots for the site, so I thought for my day-to-day work the Neo Office Racing Chair should do the job.

Neo Office Racing Chair

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Bomb Jack: The Board Game (a COVID Lockdown project)

Posted by  on January 17, 2021

With COVID Lockdown still in full effect I decided to make “Bomb Jack: The Board Game”

During this lockdown we’ve played our board games A LOT. It’s no secret that I’ve always liked Bomb Jack, specifically the Spectrum and Arcade versions. Three things have driven me to make Bomb Jack: The Board Game: –

  1. I needed something fresh and nothing in the shops really took my interest.
  2. I’ve always wanted to make my own board game.
  3. I like the idea of classic video games turned into board games, if done properly.

So I set out to create Bomb Jack: The Board Game. I wanted to try and stick to the basic premise of the video game so ultimately the goal is to collect “Fire Bombs”. Now, 23 fire bombs seem a little excessive for each player to collect in a board game so I opted for 5 (this may change depending on how the beta testing goes). The game is for 2-4 players, each playing a variation of Bomb Jack or Bomb Jill (Bomb Jack Twin).

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