Maze Death Rally-X: Sinclair ZX Spectrum December Review

Posted by  on December 1, 2021

Maze Death Rally-X: December featured game

You all remember the 1980 Namco arcade classic Rally-X right? Well, Maze Death Rally-X for the Speccy should seem very familiar to you.

Maze Death Rally-XLoading Screen

Rally-X is one of my favourite golden age arcade games but it never saw an official release on the ZX Spectrum.

Back in 2018 a chap named Tom Dalby released his version, Maze Death Rally-X, to the world and what a joy it is for us Rally-X fans. The game comes in both 48K and 128K varieties but for the purpose of this review I’m playing the 128K version with the superior sound.

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Bumpy: Amstrad CPC464 November Review

Posted by  on November 1, 2021

Bumpy: November featured game

A platform puzzler, Bumpy needs some thought to progress through levels.

Bumpy CPC464

Bumpy is actually quite a fun game. The goal is to collect the items you need to open the exit. To do this you need to collect various tool items to help you on your way. Once the exit is open you must then make your way to it.

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Turbo Esprit: Amstrad CPC464 September Review

Posted by  on September 1, 2021

Turbo Esprit: September featured game

Turbo Esprit is a 3D, free roaming, race ‘n’ chase from way back in 1986. Yep, 35 years ago.

Turbo Esprit Amstrad CPC 464Turbo Esprit: All that’s msissing is a radio

I first played Turbo Esprit on my cousin’s 48K ‘Jelly Key’ Spectrum back in 1986 and promptly bought it for my Speccy 128K soon after. I was pleased to see there was an Amstrad version available so I had to give it a shot. I’ll try not to make too many comparisons with the Speccy version, nor attempt to judge it on my previous experience of that version.

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Robocop: Atari 8bit Family August Review

Posted by  on August 1, 2021

Robocop: August featured game

Robocop is known for being somewhat a classic on almost every system of the time. The Atari 8bit is no different… Nah! I’m kidding. It’s the worst version I’ve played.

Robocop Atari 8bit FamilyHello Sir. I’m looking for a grenade, have you seen one?

Oh dear. What to say about this game? I was expecting something along the lines of the ZX Spectrum version but this is nothing like it.

Growing up in the 8bit era I know that although there were some amazing games around there was also some right old tosh. The Atari 8bit family does have some great games, Star Raiders II being a great example of what the machine could produce but Robocop slips firmly into the right old tosh category. Continue reading “Robocop: Atari 8bit Family August Review”