COVID Lockdown: Bomb Jack

Posted by  on January 6, 2021

Continuing with the COVID lockdown retro gaming, today it’s the turn of another Spectrum favourite, Bomb Jack.

While we’re in our third lockdown I decided to revisit some old favourites, but with a twist. The plan is to take a look at some of my all time favourite retro games but on a different system. Today I played Bomb Jack on the Amstrad CPC464.

Spectrum version information is taken from the World of Spectrum archive.

Bomb Jack
Usual Version Played Current Version Played
System: Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K Amstrad CPC464
Publisher: Elite Systems Ltd. Elite Systems Ltd.
Release Year: 1986 1986
No. Players: 1-2 (alternating)  1-2 (alternating)
Genre: Arcade: Platform Arcade: Platform

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