Tesco Retro Gaming T-Shirts

Posted by  on January 17, 2019

I like retro gaming t-shirts and I like bargains.

This worked out quite well in that aspect. While doing a bit of shopping in Tesco (the one where I got the retro calendar) my other half suggested checking out their t-shirts. Tesco occasionally have some retro gaming t-shirts in, so amongst the tees we went.

We saw a couple of Volkswagen tees, Avengers, Star Wars, tees I already own or have no interest in. I was about to get back to the shopping when I spotted a NES tee and a Space Invaders tee, individually packaged.

Space Invaders 80 T-Shirt (Packaged) NES 85 T-Shirt (Packaged)

The £8 label on the Space Invaders tee was easily visible and I thought it wasn’t a bad price. I then saw that both tees had been reduced to £4, got to love a twofer.

The full t-shirt images can be seen here.

Space Invaders 80 T-Shirt NES 85 T-Shirt

Some XBOX classic dabbling

Posted by  on January 3, 2019

Not what I consider retro…

…but the original XBOX (or XBOX Classic as I often see it now called) is venturing into that limbo area between “current” and “retro”.

I never owned the original XBOX, I simply didn’t have the time to invest in one due to work and family life. I have, however, had an interest in maybe getting one for the emulation side of things. The idea of four player arcade emulation in the form of CoinOPS is something I think I would enjoy.

As it happens…

…my eldest son works for a local charity and a few weeks back an original XBOX was donated to them. It came with a couple of the large controllers, original power supply and a damaged video cable.

The damaged video cable meant that they were unable to properly test the XBOX even though it appeared to receive power and the optical drive ejected as expected. They were ready to bin it so I asked how much they would accept for it “as is”. They said I could have it for £8 and so I did. I reckoned even if the XBOX was scrap I could get my money back on the controllers.

Original XBOX Continue reading “Some XBOX classic dabbling”

Happy New Year 2019

Posted by  on January 1, 2019

Best wishes for 2019

This afternoon I popped in to my local Tesco for a few things to see us through the week. My daughter was hounding us to buy a 2019 calendar and so we went to have a look at what they had available.

Picking up a calendar my daughter said “Look at this”. I heard my other half say “We’ve got to have that one”. My daughter held up the calendar and I could see it was a retro movie & TV calendar. It held additional appeal for me because there was a “Reduced to Clear” label on the shelf (I’m a tight arse like that).

2019 Retro Calendar

It’s a nice little calendar although I’m not entirely sure about the Magnum P.I. picture. It looks like an alternate timeline version where Magnum was played by Ned Flanders.