Be there in a flash…

Posted by  on May 10, 2016

Whenever I need to go somewhere there’s always one thing that irritates me… travelling time.

It doesn’t matter if I go by car, by bus, or by foot, what a complete waste of time. If a destination takes me 30 minutes by car then that’s a waste of an hour, 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back, that I could be using to do something useful.
In an hour I could’ve region modded at least four Sega Mega Drives (including slot mod) or three Sony Playstations. I could’ve written approximately 700 lines of code or cooked a meal.


It’s for this reason that I decided, if the universe ever starts throwing out super powers then I want The Flash’s superspeed. Not the current CW Flash though, no. I prefer the 1990s version played by @JohnWesleyShipp complete with motion blur and crushed velvet suit.

Not that I have any issue with CW’s The Flash, I enjoy watching it and I really like Grant Gustin, but he’s not “my” Flash. Besides, he’s spent ages trying to keep up with Zoom when all he really needed to do was use Photoshop…

The Flash