Busy, busy

Posted by  on March 25, 2016

Like the headline says, I’ve been busy. Both of my eldest children have now birthdayed their way in to adulthood so there’s been the whole organising celebrations along with the shopping adventures that go with it and I just haven’t had time for much else.
How anyone has the time to do life, work, hobbies and then blog about it daily is beyond me.

Anyhoo, I’ve been too busy to be working on my Playstation mod and about the only thing I’ve really had the spare time for is late evening installation all of the Grand Theft Auto games, one at a time, on my media server, getting them to work (including radio stations for London: 1961 & 1969) over the network and on current versions of Windows.

With most of this years landmark birthdays now behind me I can carry on with my console modding. It’s not like all I ever do is mod consoles though, just when the mood takes me so it won’t be a case of posting every day.

But for now, here’s a video short from Nukazooka