Some iPhone Ringtones

Posted by  on February 28, 2016

I’m one of those people who isn’t happy using the default ringtone on my phone. It would amuse me, while sat in the office, when “Marimba” echoed around the room and my colleagues would partake in a Mexican wave to reach into their pocket for their iPhone. Not me though, I don’t use the standard ringtones.

Something else I tend to do is assign people ringtones I think is relevant to them; so my gaming friends tend to get gaming related ringtones.
In the spirit of sharing here’s three I created some time ago in M4R format ready to go straight into iTunes and on to the iPhone.

Files are zipped.

Galaga iPhone Ringtone – Theme

Pac-man iPhone Ringtone – Pac-Man dies

Super Metroid iPhone Ringtone – Samus collects an item

I’ve got more, I just need to organise them better and I might add them later.