My SCPH-7502b mod (4)

Posted by  on February 29, 2016

More work on the Playstation mod…

I finally chose to transfer the text onto the buttons using the PVA method. I downloaded the Transformers Solid font from, typed the text using Photoshop before flipping the whole thing horizontally.

Other than a bit of a wobble with the ‘T’ on Reset I was quite pleased with how well the buttons turned out. I’m still waiting on the Power and one of the Memory Card labels to dry.

PSX Buttons

I’ve also sprayed the Memory Card/Controller port module while I had the Memory Card doors stripped. The white strip inside each port is a piece of electrical tape I used to stop paint getting on the contacts.

PSX Controller/Memory Card Ports

Some iPhone Ringtones

Posted by  on February 28, 2016

I’m one of those people who isn’t happy using the default ringtone on my phone. It would amuse me, while sat in the office, when “Marimba” echoed around the room and my colleagues would partake in a Mexican wave to reach into their pocket for their iPhone. Not me though, I don’t use the standard ringtones.

Something else I tend to do is assign people ringtones I think is relevant to them; so my gaming friends tend to get gaming related ringtones.
In the spirit of sharing here’s three I created some time ago in M4R format ready to go straight into iTunes and on to the iPhone.

Files are zipped.

Galaga iPhone Ringtone – Theme

Pac-man iPhone Ringtone – Pac-Man dies

Super Metroid iPhone Ringtone – Samus collects an item

I’ve got more, I just need to organise them better and I might add them later.

Some new Playstation bits

Posted by  on February 26, 2016

I picked up a couple of items on eBay recently. The original Playstation Dual Analog controller (SCPH-1180) [Wikipedia] and the official Playstation mouse (SCPH-1190) [Wikipedia].PSX Dual Analog Controller and Official mouse

The Dual Analog controller was quickly replaced by the less responsive (IMO) DualShock controller and are slowly becoming a piece for collectors; not for me though, I fully intend to use this as my primary controller.
A friend had a Dual Analog controller back when they first came out and I’ve always remembered how comfortable they were to use so I just had to grab this one for under a fiver.

The mouse was necessary for a bit of Broken Sword because the controller is just too slow for that.

My SCPH-7502b mod (3)

Posted by  on February 24, 2016

Between my Niece’s 30th birthday, my Sister’s birthday and having the kids at home during half term I’ve not had much time for t’internet or modding but now everything is back to normal I’ve been carrying on with my Playstation mod.

I’ve now sprayed the top half of my windowed lid section with white matt paint ready to transfer my image onto using PVA glue and a mono laserjet printout of a 1984 Transformers G1 Box Battle artwork by David Schleinkofer [tfwiki] . I had considered printing in colour but the whole thing looked too busy in the Photoshop mock-up.

PSX Windowed Lid

and in place on the rest of the shell.PSX lid without image

This next picture is a Photoshop mock-up of how I hope things will turn out once I’ve transferred the image.

PSX lid with image

I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing with the buttons yet. At the moment I’m most likely to go with white buttons and either freehand the text/symbols (not decided on that yet either) or transfer text onto them using the same PVA glue/laserjet method as I’ve used for the image on the lid. I’m slightly more in favour of freehand for that rough-ish look.

My SCPH-7502b mod (2)

Posted by  on February 9, 2016

Just an update on my SCPH-7502b mod, The Autobot insignia has arrived so no more Photoshopping that in. I noticed the white LEDs really drag down the power so I decided to drop down from three to two and wire them via a switch in case I need to switch them off in the future; so there’s now a hole for another switch.
I think I may also keep the buttons in their original grey but maybe sand off the function icons in favour of wording. I will probably change my mind again at some point.

PSX Window Template