My SCPH-7502b mod (2)

Posted by  on February 9, 2016

Just an update on my SCPH-7502b mod, The Autobot insignia has arrived so no more Photoshopping that in. I noticed the white LEDs really drag down the power so I decided to drop down from three to two and wire them via a switch in case I need to switch them off in the future; so there’s now a hole for another switch.
I think I may also keep the buttons in their original grey but maybe sand off the function icons in favour of wording. I will probably change my mind again at some point.

PSX Window Template

2 thoughts on “My SCPH-7502b mod (2)

  1. No guide I’m afraid. I saw window mods others had done while browsing the net so decided to do my own. I’ve added the template I used to cut the window into the lid.
    I printed the template onto an A4 label, cut out the larger circle and placed onto the lid of the Playstation. I then used my Dremmel to cut out the pink section as close to the black border as I could. Once the window was cut I wrapped sandpaper around a cone-shaped vase to sand it smooth without losing the shape.
    The multi-coloured Playstation logo is just a padded sticker which I removed by heating it up with a hair dryer and re-applying to the new lid.
    The Sony logo was taken from a broken PS2 phat and the Autobot insignia is an alloy wheel centre sticker I bought on eBay.
    I’ve not taken it any further yet as I’m still undecided as to what I’m doing with the ring of the lid.

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